Hand crafted custom furniture

Milford, Maine

 April 26, 2006


Gallery of Projects



Over the years I have built various pieces in many materials.  Below are a number of my most recent projects, click on the picture to see further information. 


     Cello Stand                                     Tiger Maple Hall Table


Raised Panel Mirrors                               Entry Mirrors


Magazine Rack                                              Bathoom Cabinet


Walnut and Birdseye Maple End Tables                Walnut Nighstand


           Oak Living Room Set                                 Walnut Dictionary Stand

Wooden Bowls

There are a wide range of bowls I have completed on my lathe. They are made from various woods such as walnut and cherry.

Click Here to see some of the bowls I have turned.


Other crafts

I have a variety of craft such as wine bottle holders and candle sticks.

Click Here to see some of the other crafts I have built.


Items I have made that are available for purchase.

Items for sale that I have in stock are listed HERE



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