Hand crafted custom furniture

Milford, Maine

 April 26, 2006


Wooden Bowls

I have been making bowls on my lathe since late 2004 and have developed my skills over that time. Here is a selection of some of my bowls. Be sure to check out my FOR SALE page to see what I have in stock.

Walnut Bowl (6"H x 7.5"Dia)

Cherry Platter (1.5"H x 12"Dia)

Laminated Mahogany Bowl (3.5"H x 5"Dia)

Walnut Bowl (1.5"H x 6.5"Dia)

Mahogany Bowl (2.5"H x 6"Dia)

Spalted Maple Bowl (2.5"H x 4.5"Dia)

Walnut Bowl (1.5"H x 9"Dia)

Poplar Bowl (3"H x 6"Dia)

Poplar Dish (2"H x 4"Dia)

Walnut Dish (1.5"H x 3"Dia)


Check out what I have FOR SALE

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