Hand crafted custom furniture

Milford, Maine

 April 26, 2006


About My Work

I have always been interested in building things out of wood and in 2004 I began to spend a great deal of time pursuing the art of woodworking.

I started making furniture with no intent of pursuing it as more than a hobby. But when I bought a new fence for my table saw I needed an excuse to use it. Since we were going to start renting an apartment and we didn't have a coffee table for our living room I figured I would build one. After I saw the product I was capable of, I was hooked!!

I love seeing a piece go from a conceptual design all the way to final sanding and finishing. The challenges of designing a piece to be both functional and durable enough to withstand every day abuse are the roots of my passion for woodworking.

With each and every project I have built, my skills have developed exponentially and I plan to continue to grow. Being self-taught with most of my skills, the best way for me to learn is to continuously take on more challenging projects.

I would be happy to have the opportunity to build your next piece of furniture. It would be my pleasure to discuss any potentieal projects you are interested in, so please dont hesitate to contact me.

Turning legs for oak coffe table



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