Hand crafted custom furniture

Milford, Maine

 April 26, 2006




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Custom furniture and wooden bowls

My name is Nick Barboza and I have been designing and building custom furniture since early 2004. NWB Woodworks is located in Bangor, Maine with a client body spanning from New Jersey to Northern Maine. With a number of projects completed I have sharpened my skills of making the customer exactly what they want.

If you have an empty spot in your house that you are looking to fill, but you can't find that perfect piece in the stores; I can fill that space with exactly what you are looking for. Much of the furniture in stores these days is built from undried lumber which can lead to cracking and splitting. Many store bought pieces are also made with poor overseas craftsmanship, therefore not giving you the quality you would expect with such a high price.

With all of the products I build, I use only the best lumber and materials available to ensure quality and longevity of the piece, while making it affordable for just about any budget.

Always looking for new challenging projects I encourage you to contact me about any potential work on your list.

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